My Story

I have always dreamed of having my own business, but I didn’t know anything about entrepreneurship or where to even start but mostly I was afraid, and those fears held me back. Transitioning into adulthood from becoming a young mother, going through a divorce, navigating the waters of single-parenting, rediscovering “who am I”, learning self-love and self-care, building meaningful relationships, finding the inner-strength I wasn’t sure I had, finding my soul-mate and now husband, expanding my family, aligning my values... from all those small but important moments to the major events, I found that the traits I have are the same traits I want to share with others:

Strength & Inclusion ----> Quality

     Boldness & Humility  ----> Personality

                    Classiness & Comfort  ----> Functionality

These are the elements I look for when choosing my products and those are the feelings I hope come up for my customers when they use/wear my products.